All of RLW's customers have never had a failure or seen a failure. RLW's Parts are extremely accurate. Results in repeat business & New Customers.

Ronald L. Webb
Founder of RLW Design Engineering
Certified by State of California in Industrial Electrical & Mechanical Engineer.


Need a low price in heavy duty truck alignment parts.  Aluminum Alloy caster shims, spacer blocks, or adjustment shims (Single 3/4 slot).  We have machine cut and precision engineered parts made in the U.S.A. and free consultation. 

Welcome to RLW Design Engineering & Sons.  Family owned and operated in Texas since 1983, our main focus is to provide accurate heavy duty alignment parts, reliable and safe caster shims and spacer blocks to allow our transportation industry to save money on the wear and tear (tires and suspension parts) of their heavy duty trucks.  We have fabricated a caster shim that has been proven to last for the lifetime of the truck.  RLW and his customers have not seen any failures of breaking, cracking or flattening (due to normal wear and tear) in their shops.

In 1983, Peterbilt called upon RLW Design Engineering with a complex engineering problem.  They needed a caster shim that could hold the alignment and security of not breaking for safety and installation reasons.  RLW diagnosed the problem and adopted new material, custom designed a part that provides safety and withholds the wear and tear of the alignment issues.

Finally, RLW designed a classified "Grade 1-A" caster shim that has been proven to last a lifetime.  It is our dream to provide our industry with precision parts made for everyone's safety.

Made in the U.S.A.